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"My work is about creating

Objects Of Beauty as well as what I call them...

Soul Mirrors. 


SOUL MIRRORS that can give each person a unique personal experience about their own soul with an that experience can‘grow’ over time like an organic entity." 

- Ken Chi 


"My main inspiration that I have come to realize over the decade's various channels of pursuits in what I find passionate about, has always been about re-igniting the Soul with BEAUTY, SURPRISE, WONDER AND MEANING WITH SYMBOLS.
It is about uplifting the Spirit from forgetfulness of being human.  
And one of the most beautiful thing about Art is that through art people can experience themselves much clearer with an internal experience...and my intention is to make art that allows people to have a deep experience of the most important thing in life, the people themselves. 
Let's get personal...
I believe the most important experience is about YOU, not in a selfish way or about that, but who you really are in totality that is beyond just your personality, memories or what you have come to learn and believe about yourself through society, the environments, and people that have contributed to your experiences that created your sense of identity. Yet all that, your sense of identity is such a small percentage of the entirity.  I believe is only to an extent like the tip of the iceberg that we cannot see how much is below the surface, not even to ourselves which is what the great founders of psychology have come to understand and propose over the last few decades, that we have layers beyond our conscious mind and memories that shape our sense of self and reality. The Subconscious mind, the personal unconscious and collective unconsciousness are all hidden dimenions to ourselves with locked memories and at the same time untapped potentials, creativity and beauty. 
The most centralize important part I believe,
is your Soul. 
I believe everyone has one, and that is immortal full of infinite undiscovered beauty creativity and stories. That is where the 'personal touch' of a person can be felt, and it is also where people find and discover deep meaning about their lives and experiences. 
That is where the real authentic self is underneath the many layers of who we think we are. 
My many years of working as therapist / healer and a passionate photographer/artist/dancer(tango) made me very conscious of how colors, forms and symbolisms (subjects) can affect a person or a space 'energetically' because the soul of the person (or sometimes space) is somehow spoken to and responded in those vocabularies...
The soul communicate through meaning and symbols, and yet her language is at times, the movement of the body (as dancers know very well), or words of poetry that transport one to an inner landscape within the imagination. Then there are times that it is a color or colors on a canvas or an object of meaning, that is a personal symbol unique to them. 
My work, my art, is about taking people to that inner space so they can explore or remember their own Soul in an open way, which I beleive can be a very unique and transformative experience.  It can also be empowering to touch your Soul, because touching your soul gives an alignment to the personality and mind a clarity of what needs to be focused on or adjusted with a dimension of deep personal meaning where deep experiential fullfillment lies, and I believe those moments are the moments when people actually feel inspired and energized with life again... my art is about mirroring that part of you, the Soul. " - Ken Chi

"Good Art feels like Love...

it enters you and everything in you stops

because you recognise something… maybe something more important than what you know, or whatever is going on inside you or your mind,

then the rest is the unspoken experience with the Soul…” 


- Ken Chi





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ALL IMAGES AND ARTWORK HERE ARE COPYRIGHTED BY KEN CHI and may not be used without permission. © 2014-2015 by Ken Chi Art Loft.  


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