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“Self-Illuminating-Art : Auspicious Energy Enhancers ” 


After many years of multi-disciplinary work experience as a photographer, artist and passionate healer in the Psychology of the Soul*, Ken has developed a unique way of visually organising an image that integrates his artistic photographic imageries with a “functional - energetic element” that is based on the Psychology of the Soul, Symbolism, Colour Therapy and Personal Energy Enhancement principles that serves beyond the common photograph and its collectively perceived dimension. Birthed in New York with a distilled essence of 13 years of his creative journey is his developed signature style aesthetics :  The ‘Self-Illuminating-Art : Auspicious Energy Enhancers & Soul Mirrors'.  


Aside from the unique visual aesthetics that is both inspiring and promoting creativity, his work contains a common thread of intentional calculated aesthetics created to both,


1) induce an energetically enhancing positive emotional experience for the viewer and also enhancing any space of the owner based on the Psychology of the Soul principles. Promoting wellness, positive psychology and emotions with excitement of creative expressions redefining and transforming the original image. Visually, they all share a self-illuminating-glow that seems to be illuminated from within the image paying homage to optical art.  


2) function as a SOUL MIRROR giving each person a unique experience of their own soul that has a personal meaning to them, derived through the interaction with their subconscious or inner mind with the symbolisms and the color combinations Ken creates with. 


As organic as this new art form takes, the “Self-Illuminating-Art : Auspicious Energy Enhancers ” can also support Feng Shui as the art is created with much symbolism, elements of nature and great spectrum of colors in mind.  Go to "WHY AUSPICIOUS" for more details...




CLICK HERE to read more about the artist's words on his work










All artwork is made as limited numbered edition pieces, especially wonderful if you are a collector or beginning collector. 

Each available size has a limited numbered edition authenticated certificate with the artist's signature to ensure you are purchasing a collectible piece of art.  



QUALITY EQUALS TECHNOLOGY  AND ART - What you are purchasing


Each piece of work is a perfect blend of Fine Art Photography, Soul Psychology and the latest Image-making Technology. 

Demanding the highest quality, the artwork are created with the latest photographic printing technology - HD Metal Prints or (High Definition) HD Aluminium, in Acrylic mounted in metallic paper or various contempory luxury frames that are produced in Germany.


HD Metal Print - Ready to Hang

The high-definition (HD Alumium) Metal Print  produces never before seen contrast and saturations compared to traditional print making.

This medium of HD Metal Print is only 2mm thin and yet highly durable, UV resistant, Scratch Proof, and Weather Resistant (can be used for outdoors) and can last for decades. Hanging elements is already pre-installed unless requested otherwise.


Acrylic Glass with Metallic Paper - Ready to Hang

Display just as the leading galleries and museums do!

Details appear razor sharp in images that loom in the depths. The unique, brand-name glass enhances the luminosity of the artwork and gives them three dimensional depth. Coupled with Metallic Paper specifically chosen by the artist to heighten the aesthetic experience, 

the Acrylic glass mount with metallic paper is a very contemporary frame especially for modern homes as well as perfect gifting occassions.

The glass is easy to clean and its brilliance lasts for 75 years,  acrylic glass is notably lighter and tougher than traditional glass. It also offers natural protection against UV rays, thereby helping to prevent loss of color. In a delicate process, the printed artwork will be sealed behind a polished, premium acrylic glass sheet using durable elastic silicone, leaving it completely free of tears and bubbles. The art is sealed on an aluminum Dibond base, which has proven to be extremely stable and is of the highest quality. The edges are precision cut and smoothed using a CNC milling machine.


Floater Contempary Frame - Ready to Hang

In a Floater Contemporary Frame, between the edges of the mounted (Acrylic with Metal Paper as above ) image and the frame, there is a 0.28" wide shadow gap, which makes the art appear to be floating within the solid wood frame. There are 3 colors of wood available where the default color is walnut. (other two colors are Black Oak and Dark Brown and Natural Oak, see samples)

This framing option is such an exquisit yet modern way of displaying your art in your space with all the additional benefits of the Acrylic Glass mounting. For those who are looking to bring in modern style and creativity 


Wooden or Aluminium Artbox over Acrylic Glass

For a subtle and slimmer version than the Floater frame, the Wooden or Aluminium Artbox subtly frame the artimage when viewed from the front, but shows impressive depth when viewed from the side: 1.38" to be exact. The solid wood lends your image a natural appearance whilst the Aluminium brings style and contemporary edge






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ALL IMAGES AND ARTWORK HERE ARE COPYRIGHTED BY KEN CHI and may not be used without permission. © 2014-2015 by Ken Chi Art Loft.  


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