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The default artwork you purchase here under the collection pages are all made on the HD metal aluminium that has a 1mm thick profile. The surface is glossy, it is a incredibly sharp, with high contrast, intense colours and saturated even if lighting is not optimum as it retains the luminosity and the colors of the artwork. The HD Aluminium is made with special process that is UV resistant, Waterproof, Scratchproof and lasts up to 80 years. Thanks to the resilient material and the durable print, you can confidently put your picture anywhere: in the living room or kitchen, in the attic or the basement, on your fence or porch, even in the shower or sauna!


*NOTE: The GS/GM gift size HD metal art do NOT include a hanging rail element (which can be added upon purchase for $14USD or $100HKD). It is for the purpose that you can easily customise your frame with those 2 common sizes. 




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ALL IMAGES AND ARTWORK HERE ARE COPYRIGHTED BY KEN CHI and may not be used without permission. © 2014-2015 by Ken Chi Art Loft.  


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