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Let your attention guide you to the colour or colours that you are attracted to on the artwork. From there, begin to just notice your feelings, body’s sensation and mental dialogues, and slowly noticing the colours and details around it expanding it from the first colour you are attracted with, and expand to the other ones, so you begin to notice a ‘relationship’ between two or more colours. Then begin to notice the details, forms or things inside the images and discover their meaning to you letting yourself be creative! (*Noting also the colours you dislike in this moment, refer to colour chart for possible meanings.)  Look at also the details of the image of the artwork, see if something becomes suddenly meaningful or symbolic to you. Your inner mind and the subconscious will naturally want to create a ‘story’ that is meaningful to you and at the same time being positive (e.g. that little piece of blue rock gives me a sense of hope!), because a deep part of your inner mind has a self-healing intelligence of self-organisation and engages your inner creativity. This inner process can on a daily basis help you discover yourself, your feelings, your creativity and what is meaningful to you. 
























Red is referred to as being "The Great Energizer" & "The Father of Vitality." 

QUALITY - Red is warm, vital, heating, yang and positive. Gives energy on all levels, provides power from the earth

Helpful when meeting a challenging day or feeling drained of energy and tired. It connects humans to the physical body. Everything that is to be commenced requires the life vitality of red.  Preference for Red: Red is associated with passionate love, sex, great energy, impulse, action and stimulation, assertiveness and aggression, courage, strength and power, adventure, danger, warnings, revolt and revolution. Temperamental and ambitious people with a need for personal freedom. Aversion to Red: A human who has an aversion to red may be over-active, too impulsive, hot-tempered, aggressive and egocentric, or have difficulties with humans with such characteristics. It is also capable of symbolising deeply hidden fears and rejection of their own assertiveness.

If your favorite color is red, you are action oriented with a deep need for physical fulfillment and to experience life through the five senses.





QUALITY - Orange has a freeing action upon the physical body and human mind, relieving repressions. A blend of red and yellow, it combines physical energy with mental wisdom, inducing a transformation between lower physical reaction and higher mental response. Orange is warm, cheering, non-constricting. Orange assists assimilation of new ideas and stimulates mental enlightenment. It is also helpful in dealing with excess sexual expression yet assisting in freeing repressed sexuality. Preference for orange: Orange represents the warmth of the fire. It brings even more energy than yellow, celebration and great abundance, comfort, enjoyment of the senses. Warm, sociable, dynamic and independent people who dedicate themselves to whatever they do. Aversion to orange: A human who has an aversion to orange may have suppressed sexual feelings or other difficulties with sensual enjoyment of life. The attitude is capable of also being over-sensual, indulgent, or too materialistic. If orange is your favorite color, you have a great need to be with people, to socialize with them, and be accepted and respected as part of a group. You also have a need for challenges in your life, whether it is physical or social challenges.



Yellow assists to strengthen the nerves and the human mind. It assists to awaken mental inspiration and stimulates higher mentality, excellent colour for nervous or nerve-related conditions or ailments. Yellow is capable of being used for conditions of the stomach, liver, and intestines, has a very enriching effect upon the intellect and the brain. Yellow is stimulating to the nervous system and the intellect, aiding self-control. It helps awaken mental inspiration and stimulates higher mentality.  Gives humans clarity of thought, increases awareness, and stimulates interest and curiosity. Yellow energy is related to the ability to perceive and understand. The yellow energy connects humans to their mental self. Preference for yellow: The colour of the sun, life-force, vividity, vitality Sand energy. The colour of cheerfulness, curiosity, alternation, flexibility, progress, amusement, contact through travelling and communication, learning and practical knowledge. A feeling for writing and speaking. Aversion to yellow: A human who has aversion to yellow may be emotionally disappointed and bitter. May have tendency to rationalise feelings, or to avoid the depth of life by often changing relationships, many superficial relationships and/or constant changing activities. Choosing yellow as your favorite means you have a deep need for logical order in your everyday life and to be able to express your individuality by using your logical mind to inspire and create new ideas.



Green is the universal healing colour and balance. The ancient Egyptians and Chinese used green as the primary colour of healing. Midway in the colour spectrum, it contains both a physical nature and a spiritual nature, in equal balance and in equal harmony. Thus, green is capable of being used for just about any condition that requires healing. Green is the colour of nature and the earth. It is balance and harmony in essence and possesses a soothing influence upon both human mind and the physical body. It is neither relaxing nor astringent in its impact. In a more practical sense, green affects blood pressure and all conditions of the heart. It has both an energising effect and a moderating or soothing effect. Green corresponds to the heart centre on the physical plane and heals many illnesses of this nature, specifically including heart troubles, decreasing and stabilizing blood-pressure, ulcers, cancer, headaches, nervous disorders and influenza, and acts as a general tonic. Helps relax muscles, nerves, and thoughts. Cleanses and balances the human energy fields, to give a sensation of renewal, peace and harmony. Green connects humans to unconditional love and is used for balancing the whole being. Preference for green: Green brings peace, rest, hope, comfort and nurturing, calmness and harmony. Interest in nature, plants, fellowmen, children and animals, health and healing, natural and plain life. Longing for a safe home and family-life. A dislike of conflicts. Aversion to green: A human who has an aversion to green may be more interested in independence and self-development than in a warm family-life. May prefer to keep a certain distance in (sexual) relationships. If green is your favorite, you have a deep need to belong, to love and be loved, and to feel safe and secure. You need acceptance and acknowledgment for the everyday things you do for others - just a 'thank you' is sufficient.



Relaxing, soothing blue rays will bring great calm and peace to the mind that is worried, excited, or in a constant nervous state. Blue is capable of having a sedative effect, it is a very perceived positive colour, indicating loyalty and reliability, as expressed in the sentiment of being "true blue.” BLUE, on the other hand, is at the opposite end of the visible spectrum and is electric, cooling, yin and perceived negative. Dr Babbitt has called blue one of the greatest antiseptics in the world. Blue light will assist in stoping bleeding of the lungs, decrease fevers, cure sore throats, give relief to most inflammations of the skin and gums, and is capable of being used with infants for pain while teething. More dis-eases are treated by blue light than by any other colour, which is not surprising considering that cosmic fire in the human system is clear cold blue. Blue links with and stimulates the throat chakra. The throat chakra is often referenced as the "power centre" and "the greatest centre in the body" for the reason that it is the primary centre of expression and communication, through speech. Thus, the effect of blue upon this centre and the aura, in general, is quite profound. Blue is capable of being used for any type of ailments associated with speech, communication, or the throat.  This is a mentally-relaxing colour. Blue has a pacifying effect on the nervous system and brings great relaxation. Ideal for sleep problems, and hyper-active children. Connects humans to holistic thought, and gives humans wisdom and clarity enhancing communication and speech. Preference for blue: Cool and soothing, dreamy and magical. Peace and rest. For humans who keep a certain distance, however give calm and practical assistance; they are faithful and loyal, have a sense for order, logic and rational thinking. Flying in day-dreaming, ideals or nostalgia when felt mis-understood. Blue is also the colour of truth. Aversion to blue: A human who has an aversion to blue, may be very disciplined, strong career worker, with an aversion of commentary or restriction. He may have charted out a clear direction for his life and wants to follow that lacelike. Lovers of blue have a deep need to find inner peace and truth, to live their life according to their ideals and beliefs without having to change their inflexible viewpoint of life to satisfy others.



The energy of the colour indigo connects humans to the human unconscious self, and gives us the experience of being part of the whole universe. Strengthens intuition, imagination, intuitive sensitivities and increases dream activity.

Indigo is a great purifier of the bloodstream and also benefits perceived mental problems. It is a freeing and purifying agent. Indigo combines the deep blue of devotion with a trace of stabilizing and objective red. Indigo is cool, electric, and astringent.  Indigo is the colour of the human solar system.  Indigo links with and stimulates the brow chakra (third eye) and controls the pineal gland. It governs both physical and spiritual (not psychic) perception; that is, clairvoyance, clairaudience, and clairsentience. 

Indigo is considered by some humans the ray of the Holy Spirit, for those who believe in that concept. Indigo lovers have a need to feel in harmony and at one with the Universe and to be accepted by others as the aware and intuitive spiritual beings that they are.



The violet colour energy or frequency connects humans to the spiritual self bringing guidance, wisdom and inner strength. Enhances artistic talent and creativity. Violet Purifies human thoughts and feelings giving humans inspiration in all undertakings, Violet is considered to be the colour of what is deemed of as the divine Spirit. Violet works only on the levels of the Spirit. It is generally not used for physical conditions; however, some colour experts believe that it does provide nourishment to the cells in the upper brain and does have a link with the crown chakra. Furthermore, it assists to expand the horizons of human Divine understanding. Violet is helpful for spiritually-related problems, Leonardo da Vinci proclaimed that you are capable of increasing the power of meditation ten-fold by meditating under the gentle rays of Violet, as found in Christian Church windows. Esoterically violet is white and synthesizes all form manifestation. PURPLE - TRANSFORMATION - This colour also heals melancholy, hysteria, delusions and alcohol addiction and bring spiritual insights and renewal. These colors slow down an over-active heart; stimulate the spleen and the white blood cells (immunity). Bring sleep. Soothe mental and emotional stress. Decrease sexual activity. Decrease sensitivity to pain. They help in detoxification.

Preference for violet/purple: Colors for meditation, contemplation, mysticism, spirituality and religion power. A longing to ascend and dissolve polarities (purple consists of the active red and passive blue), to improve the world. Reservation, mystery and dignity. Soft, sensitive people with often paranormal abilities. Aversion to violet / purple:A person who has an aversion for violet / purple may have very serious attitude towards life; and may find it difficult to give dreams, fantasies, vague fears or memories a place in it. May have tendency to rejection everything he regards as unnatural or unrealistic. If purple or violet is your favorite color, you have a deep need for emotional security and to create order and perfection in all areas of your life, including your spiritual life. You also have a deep need to initiate and participate in humanitarian projects, helping others in need.





The color magenta is one of universal harmony and emotional balance. It is spiritual yet practical, encouraging common sense and a balanced outlook on life.

This is a color that helps to create harmony and balance in every aspect of life; physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually.

A combination of red and violet, magenta contains the passion, power and energy of red, restrained by the introspection and quiet energy of violet. Magenta is uplifting to our spirits during times of unhappiness, anger or frustration.

In the meaning of colors, magenta represents universal love at its highest level. It promotes compassion, kindness and cooperation and encourages a sense of self respect and contentment in those who use it. Gentle and caring in its approach, it generates acceptance, tolerance, support and patience.

The color magenta is a color of cheerfulness, happiness, contentment and appreciation for what you have acquired and achieved. Most people feel more optimistic when in the company of magenta.

Magenta is the color of the non-conformist, the free spirit. It pushes you to take responsibility for creating your own path in life and increases dream activity while assisting you in turning your ambitions and desires into reality.

Healing properties: Strengthens contact with your life purpose. Stimulates adrenaline and heart activity.

Magnetism, to attract or speed up things, extra power, when immediate action and great spiritual power are needed, life purpose, life path.

Preference for magenta: Much energy and activity focused on achieving power and self-realisation. Strong but controlled passions and emotions. Daring, ready to fight, willing to give everything for a goal. Can drive things too far and have fixed ideas.

Aversion to magenta: A person who has an aversion to magenta may feel overwhelmed by people with strong convictions or heavy emotions like jealousy; also may have difficulties with exposing deep emotions. 

If your favorite color is magenta, you are a non-conformist who sees life from a different point of view.



White, by many is perceived of as being the perfect colour; for it is all colour and it is positive in nature, in perfect balance and harmony. It is the colour of the awakened Spirit; the light of perfection and symbolic of goodness and all positive attributes.

If white is your personality color, your deepest need is for simplicity in your own life and to be independent and self-reliant so you do not need to depend on anyone else.



Pink is the colour tender Love and Unconditional Love, one of the most powerful colours for emotional healing for people.

ROSE/PINK is the happiness and joy from loving and being loved. It is capable of also denoting romantic love. It can heal grief and sadness, restores youthfulness and brings you in contact with your feelings. Softness and tenderness, romance, caring, nurturing, for children, youth, peace, friendship, femininity, emotional love, emotional healing.

Preference for pink: Regarded as a feminine color. Pink symbolizes softness, sweetness, innocence, youthfulness and tenderness. Soft and kind people.

Aversion to pink: A person who has an aversion to pink may have a challenge with expressingsoft, tender, female side.




Turquoise Increases intuition and sensitivity. Relaxes sensations of stress. Alterations, intellectual and intuitive insights, technique, inventions, originality, renewal, brotherhood, humanism.


Preference for turquoise: Just like the wide turquoise sea you don't want to feel restricted and you don't immediately bring to the surface what goes on in you; emotions can remain hidden. A color for non-triviality, renewal, innovation and inventions, progressive techniques, alternative ways of living together, humanity.

Aversion to turquoise: A person who has an aversion to turquoise may be looking for solidity and security in society, especially in marriage. Also, may be reluctant to think originally or to walk new paths. If turquoise is your favorite color your deepest need is to create emotional balance in your life, to be able to express your hopes and dreams no matter how idealistic they may be and to make your own way in the world under your own terms.





Brown is a colour of stability, grounding, conservation, protection of household, family and pets, healing animals, finding lost objects, material constructions (buildings etc.), material increase, to make relationships solid, to increase decisiveness and concentration, attracting help in financial crisis.


Preference for brown: An earthly colour for practical people with a preference for natural, tribal and primitive things, solidity and simplicity. Brown can be warm and cosy but also depressing. Family-life persons, stable people, loyal friends.

Aversion to brown: A person who has an aversion to brown may feel an aversion against normal, boring, trivial life; may not feel connected with his roots (home-land, family, etc); may experience instability in health and attitude.

Lovers of brownhave a deep need for a safe, secure, simple and comfortable existence with supportive family and friends.



Grey can be a neutral colour, neutralising negative influences, erasing or cancelling situations, causing stalemates

Preference for grey: Very neutral and indifferent, non-expressive. It can be deliberate, but also lifeless, fixed, depressed and apathic. Reserved, cool people; unwilling to expose themselves or to have obligations. Grey can be refined and tactful.

Aversion to grey: A person who has an aversion to grey may prefers to be straight to the point, no time for political and tactical attitudes. Demands clarity, a knowing where one stands. With gray as your favorite color, you are the middle of the road type, cool, conserved, composed and reliable. You tend to conform just to keep the peace.




Black is a colour of gracefulness, potential, the void where creative takes place, seriousness, the unknown or power, the deep unconscious. There can also have negative associations of secrecy, darkness.  


Preference for black: Symbolises seriousness, darkness, depression, death, mourning, mystery, secrecy, occultism, a standing apart from or revolting against triviality, provocation, underground, things that have to remain hidden, nothingness as the great source of all creation, the need to keep your energy with you. Black is a color for extremes, everything and nothing. People who foremost trust themselves. Black ought to be used sparingly, as too much black is capable of causing depression or aggravate such emotional/mental conditions. Black also increases fear, suspicion and paranoia

Aversion to black: A person who has an aversion to black may have fear for the unknown, or fear for the abuse of power. Desires to become free from all kinds of dependency, blockages, hindrances; to throw off shackles.



Gold is considered one of the highest colours of many religions and spirituality, or the highest form or frequency colour of divinity.  Associated with absolute authority, (self)confidence, creativity, perfection, solar energies, male energy, financial riches, investments, luxury, winning, worldly power, magickal power, overcoming bad habits/addictions. With a personality color gold, you radiate charisma, personality and individuality, making others feel relaxed and valued in your company.



Silver can be considered as female energy, cycles, rebirth, reincarnation, healing of hormonal imbalances, emotional stability, remove or neutralize negativity, intuition, dreams and protection. If silver is your favorite, you are intuitive and insightful and have a strong connection with a higher spiritual guidance.
















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ALL IMAGES AND ARTWORK HERE ARE COPYRIGHTED BY KEN CHI and may not be used without permission. © 2014-2015 by Ken Chi Art Loft.  


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