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I can say that this work is likely an accumulation of about 13 years of my life journey and experiences of getting to know myself, that has been so full of creativity, beauty, surprises, connections, passion, a fair share of pain, transformations and finally, overcoming the challenging parts of life in relationship to my unique life experiences that I had found myself in. So much so that I consider life to be a miracle...

This work was born in my time in New York, the same time that I fell in love and met my beloved wife Amy Javier... it was a special time of completing of a huge cycle when I had been living outside my birthplace (Hong Kong) after nearly two decades full of travelling, unknown and changing faces/places, it's all been a grace.... New York was more than just romance... because I really felt it there, the 'art soul'... and I credit it for being my incubation chamber because I am now realizing that NY was a city that was about integrating all of the Gifts one has on a soul level...

I was consciously trying to birth something unique at that time that I had wanted to combine with my close to 10 years of healing work that I had been doing with other people and myself, and I felt this need to marry the two aspects of my self where one had always been about beauty, art and creativity, and the other was my passion with exploring and understanding the Soul and the human inner-landscape through emotions, psychology and the physical body with dance. Even though with my photography I was actually very happy with my portrait and fine art work as I felt it's mature enough, I felt this need to take it to a different direction that felt risky, but I learnt that I have always loved new territories being a migrant.

So I found THE LIGHT... quite literally... Light has always been the common bridge/theme with what I had discovered and experienced, both in my photography/art world and my healing/therapy work with others. At some point in my life... I began to 'see' and sometimes 'feel' subtle energies in the spectrum that is out of the common visual range, both 'symbolically' and 'physically' that some would say it is a Gift...although in my case it was definitely both a Gift plus certain things and trainings I did that helped it like meditations. But I don't have 'the Sight' always as it comes and goes, and I know it is dependent on many factors that thesedays I am not so attached to so I am not seeing it so much. So it's a bit like those people who had "Synesthsia" where they somehow experience literally a cross-wired effect of their senses like hearing colors or tasting sound... I have multi/extra-dimensional experiences for I saw and still sometimes see the energy bodies of people and things which people call the aura... it's a real thing, science has proved it with machines to measure and photograph it... and then one day I realized, the old painters always had it and they saw it, especially in early Christian art, they always painted the aura around saints and Jesus or Mary.

So... I thought to myself as I was in my later period of really passionately loving my portrait work, that I want to bring in this visual aspect of the subtle energy to my work... and it happened. The Self-Illuminating-Art: Auspicious Energy Enhancers & Soul Mirrors was born.

Visually, they all share a self-illuminating-glow that seems to be illuminated from within the image paying homage to optical art. Yet, over the months the art revealed to me what it was about beyond the aesthetics... that there was an aspect of restructuring the viewer's consciousness to touch the Soul through symbols and colours and the combination of colors, which making them all share a purpose that I consider them to be a form of FUNCTIONAL ART.

You can say that a piece of Self-Illuminating-Art: Auspicious energy enhancer & Soul Mirror is:

1) An object of Beauty, wonder and art.

2) an organic SOUL MIRROR that gives each person a unique experience of their own soul with a personal meaning to them, derived through the interaction with their subconscious and unconscious and the work itself overtime, which can change over time.

3) A form of art that induces an energetically enhancing positive emotional experience for the viewer and also enhancing a space based on Soul Psychology, Energy Enhancing Principles and Symbolism promoting wellness

and positivity.

4) AUSPICIOUS, supportING Feng Shui as the art is created with much intentional symbolism, at times the elements of nature and great spectrum of conscious colors in mind such as the Gold Alchemy series.

I realized that it is my wish and hope that my work can really 'benefit' people not just as an object of beauty, but also a gift to remind and help people discover a deeper part of themselves that I am passionate about, the Soul... that is full of wonder, passion, magic, power, creativity, poetry, uniqueness and renewing power which to me is what life is really about...

FINAL NOTE - Affordable Art I created Ken Chi Art Loft as the gardening home for this creation, I invite you to explore and hope you will discover your own magic and beauty, as I believe that is what my lifework and art stands for and is about, and that is also why I make my work affordable yet not sacrificing any integrity of quality as they are MADE IN GERMANY as Limited Numbered Editions.

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ALL IMAGES AND ARTWORK HERE ARE COPYRIGHTED BY KEN CHI and may not be used without permission. © 2014-2015 by Ken Chi Art Loft.  


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